Genesis Brand Warranty

Genesis Brand Warranty

Genesis models are luxury cars that have improved roadside assistance. Along with the improved roadside assistance, there are also concierge services. Every Genesis brand also has guaranteed protection through an industry-leading warranty. Any owners in need of repair have the devotion of Genesis Roadside Assistance. Genesis Roadside Assistance also delivers to its customer's safety and reliable services. Select services are made available through the Genesis Enhanced Roadside Assistance program.

Customers are always put first at Vandergriff Genesis and are given the help and support of professional concierge agents through the Genesis Enhanced Roadside Assistance program. One of the many ways professional concierge agents help is by allowing owners to borrow a vehicle during their time of need. So, whenever they’re dealt with needing a vehicle because the one they own is out of commission and needs repairing they can rely on the services of the Genesis Roadside Assistance program and the concierge agents help in providing them with a loaner car.

What Are Some of the Benefits?

Other additional and important factors the Genesis Enhanced Roadside Assistance program entails are a phone call to Concierge or there can be remote diagnostic services done through Genesis connected services. With this, a thorough inspection or examination is taken place on the owner's vehicle. In addition vehicles in need of services and with problematic issues are sent to a location to be fixed by Roadside Concierge. To name a few these issues may include but are not limited to lock out services, tire flat services, and dead battery services.

Never Be Without Transportation

As mentioned before and as a complimentary service to the owner, a Genesis brand vehicle is sent directly to them while their vehicle is being fixed and serviced by a Genesis brand vendor. This way the owner can still get on with their day and not be kept from doing all those things that are of importance to them.

Included as well are vehicle towing services and services for trip interruptions. Sometimes unexpected situations may occur, therefore preventing the owner from being able to continue with their travels. This is a great service that helps with that by giving the owner the peace of mind knowing that help can and will be provided and sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the entire 365 days of the year in the event their Genesis brand vehicle is immobilized.

How Does The Genesis Warranty Give Peace of Mind?

The industry-leading warranty program provides extra customer protection. Therefore, giving customers the reassurance and level-headedness that their needs are a priority and the focal point. This warranty program comes with every Genesis brand vehicle meeting the expectations of the customer and giving them satisfaction. Warranty is provided for 10 years or for 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. There’s a five-year warranty for new vehicles and anti-perforation protection for seven years.


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